‘Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.’ – David Alan Harvey

Pre-wedding: a gateway to the would-be’s to get acquainted with the different YOUs and the difference in YOUs. We capture all your precious stolen glances, shyness, coy smiles, laughter, excitement and even those moments where the couple’s eyes says, ‘for a lifetime’. Wedding brings a lot of hustle of rituals, traditions, shopping, preparations, sweets, decorations, etc. The couple barely gets any time to spend together. Other than rituals, traditions and food, it’s also about photographs.

Wedding is a season of photographs with family and friends. But, Pre-wedding is like rain in the spring. Be it walking hand-in-hand for the first time, or an aerial shot with the bride rolling in her elegantly long lehenga, or the bride and the groom running towards each other, everything just seems like a fairytale. And we strive to bring that fairytale to life. Pre-wedding is just another way to have fun before your wedding.

Clients Says

Why should hire a professional photographer?


A professional photographer is contractually obligated to be where they need to be, when they need to be there. You can relax knowing that they will show up ready and prepared to create some amazing images for you.

Experience and knowledge

It takes years and a lot of hard work to acquire photography skills. And it's something they continue to do as technology changes and new and better equipment is created.


Your photographer will bring a new perspective! Creating a relationship with your photographer allows them to see you in unique ways that perhaps family and friends do not.

Attention to detail

Your photographer will pay attention to the little details necessary for creating a great image. The time of day is carefully planned, for use of the best light conditions.

Post processing

It’s important to make sure your images are properly exposed, colour corrected, cropped effectively and retouched to perfection, so they look amazing.

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